Becoming a Mentor

Mentors Barb and Holly-Ann

Acting as a Mentor perpetuates & builds the sustainable skills & know-how in our community. It also strengthens personal health & community resilience as we get to know each other and share skills together. If you have skills that pertain to food growing and food security, we would love to have you involved in passing on those skills. We recognize that being good at your skill is not the same as feeling ready to teach it to others! We are here to bridge the divide between what you are comfortable doing and what you are comfortable teaching others to do.

Live & Learn is here to help you feel confident becoming a Mentor and sharing your knowledge and skills.  We offer:
• Mentor Training Classes: Learn how to turn your skills into teaching opportunities.
• The Training includes our new “Mentor Training Manual” to track you progress and learn to meet the demands of your students.
• One-on-One Support in sharing your skills, including help with developing, promoting, funding, and delivering your teachings.

Everyone is welcome. Live & Learn prioritizes skilled residents of the Sunshine Coast who are single parents, parents of young children, people with disabilities, underemployed adults, newcomers/immigrants, representatives of cultural or ethnic diversity, and seniors for mentor training.

Please contact us so we can have an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your skills and the possibilities for turning your skills into a teaching opportunity for you, and a learning opportunity for the rest of us! Also if you have a friend or neighbor with amazing skills who would benefit from a chance to share their know-how with others, you can nominate them to become a mentor. If you’re not sure if mentoring is for you, come on out as a learner to check us out first!

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What Mentors Are Saying about Live & Learn
“When I was first approached to be a mentor I was not sure I had skills worth sharing with the community …but after interviewing I was confident that I did have several possible classes. I went on to meet with the other new mentors to get a good basis and understanding of how the classes would be best run. We were given well-written materials to refer to when developing our individual classes. When the time came to run my class it went smoothly, the venue was ready and people came eager to learn. We had a great time preparing food together and sharing it later…When I tell friends in other communities about this program they are envious and want to know how they could do the same in their community because so many people are getting interested in preparing, growing, and preserving their own food and working on this together, and so many do not know how to begin. Learning together, we can draw on everyone’s experience and it just does so much for our self-esteem to know we all have something to share with others. I have attended several classes as well and they are always well prepared and fun. The low cost in conducive to going to all the classes we want! Now I am an advocate for this program and recruit mentors and encourage them as I was. Happy to have this in our community available to all.”—Marlene Stephens

“I have been beekeeping for 7 years now and love to share my craft with anyone that will listen, however, even after a year and a half of living here I was not able to figure out how to connect to my new community in an effective manner, who to talk to or where to go to find like minded teachers and students. That is until I met the Live and Learn program! Through the patient and thorough guidance of this program I have been able to organize my experiences into a coherent package for presentations and lectures with plans for many more areas of growth. This program connected me with others in the community, opened doors of discussions within the mentor’s circle and has brought me to a town meeting of the One Straw Society that I previously was unaware of! I am so blessed to have been presented the opportunity to take this course and have its support. It has made my move to the sunshine coast a warm and exciting place to live learn and grow. Thank you most sincerely for your support of this program. Without it, who knows, I my have felt that I needed to return to the city to do what I love!”—Sheilagh McKenna

“Having taken classes and becoming a mentor with the Live & Learn program I have begun in only a few short months to develop roots in the community. The vision of the Live & Learn program to foster food awareness and our connectedness to our local food sources is important to me… Through the program I have made lasting friendships with local residents who too share the vision of a more connected community. I am now looking into a community garden with friends I made at a Live and Learn program. So the program has helped me learn and refine food skills & think about growing my own food but more importantly, it has also made me aware I am a resource too. Sharing my knowledge and becoming my own resource for the community is something I didn’t really consider when I first encountered the Live and Learn program. I recognise just how precious are the people resources in my very own backyard. I’m certainly going to get more involved in the program to foster this awareness of local resources & how our community is treasure trove of unique skills and talents…I think this program is very innovative, and extremely important in building bridges in our community. I think it builds a more resilient, cohesive community. I look forward to becoming more involved.”—Stephen Murphy