Wise Ways Mentorship

The wealth of knowledge that exists in our senior population here on the Sunshine coast inspired the Live and Learn program of One Straw Society to create the The Wise Ways Mentoring Project with funding from New Horizons for Seniors Program. Our community is rich with a significant senior population who has skill sets that are unique to their generation and need to be shared with todays and future generations.

We have found 18 new mentors this year that have sustainable skills they would like to share with their community. We have already run some incredible classes like Sewing and Mending by hand, Hook-rugging, Marco photography, Scrapbooking, Baking, and Knitting.

The project teaches new mentors how to effectively run a workshop to share what they know and give them full support by supplying venues and participants as well as assisting the mentors during the workshop to keep it all running smoothly.

Sustainable skills can include fiber arts, cooking, gardening, storytelling, crafting and many other pastimes that can enhance the skills of the people of our community and put smiles on their faces.