It’s good to join in

At Live & Learn, people are connecting, learning together, and participating in our unique Sunshine Coast food culture. While this is wonderful fun, it is also vital for personal, community, & environmental health.

1) It’s good for your health!

Social connectedness
Most people come out to learn with Live & Learn simply because it is joyful and fun. But did you know it is also good for your health? It’s no secret that people with a strong social support system tend to enjoy better health. Meeting new people, developing new skills, and learning together are part of building strong social ties. Current research demonstrates that this has significant health impacts such as increased longevity, healthier cognitive function and faster recovery from illnesses. In addition, the newest research is showing that it’s not just what others do for you, but what you do for others that counts. Giving social support—which includes helping others develop new skills—can improve individual health outcomes. The Mentors coming out to teach Live & Learn programs are helping out our community by sharing their valuable skills! While they’re at it, they also happen to be taking good care of their own health, and helping us all make new friends along the way.

Nature connectedness
Getting out in nature is not just good for you physically in terms of fresh air and exercise. It also has positive impacts mentally and emotionally. The cost of alienation from the natural world—termed “Nature Deficit Disorder,” is real, and may show up as stress, attention deficit disorders, anxiety, and depression. The remedy for this problem? Get out in nature! Connect with and learn from the natural world. Live & Learn gets you out forming authentic, personal relationships not just with other people, but with local plants, animals, forests, farms, gardens, and waters. This prevents alienation and leads to a thriving sense of gratitude for and delight in this place we call home.

2) It builds community health and resilience!
Community resilience is the ability of our community to adapt to and bounce back from an impact—a fast hit like an earthquake or a slower shift like climate change or peak oil. In other words, resilience is the capacity to resist damage and recover after a shift or disturbance to a thriving state. Community resilience is determined by factors including:
• the diversity of elements such as skills, know-how, and resources
• the strength and frequency of connections between these elements
• the sensitive awareness of local environmental changes; and
• the ability to learn together, solve problems together, and adapt to changes in a positive way.
Live & Learn is helping build community resilience by increasing skills and know-how, expanding social networks, heightening awareness of local ecosystems and food systems, and building our opportunities to learn and share with each other. Instead of relying on far-flung, fragile global networks for our food and other needs, we’re learning how to rely on neighbours and friends in our own increasingly resilient community.

3) It supports thriving ecosystems and food systems!
From the forests with their mushrooms and berries to the coastlines with their shellfish and seaweeds, from the bees buzzing high in the air to the backyard roots growing deep in the earth, Live & Learn participants engage with our environment in powerful, personal ways. We learn about nature not just as something pretty to look at, but as the true source of our well-being in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the soil that supports our farms and gardens. It all comes together as we learn about something from nature that we interact with every day: our food. Through this intimate connection, we can all make wiser choices about how to best protect and revitalize the precious ecosystems and food systems here on the Sunshine Coast.

Come out to Live & Learn—connect with community, nature, & know-how for local food!

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What Learners are Saying about Live & Learn
The instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate! Very inspiring.”
“Great food, great company.”
“Great—instructors were funny, interesting, and very knowledgeable!”
“Thanks for a wonderful and informative workshop with yummy treats!”
“Fun and comfortable.
“Great instructing.”
“Love how practical the classes are—they give me confidence to try new things!”
“Fabulous energy.”
“Very uplifting.”
“Great time, I learned a lot.”
“I loved the stories.”
“Fabulous information very well-presented.”
“Clear sharing, simple explanation, good sense of humour on top of it all.”