Live & Learn

Berry Walk

Live and Learn cultivates community sustainability, resilience, and social connectedness by creating frequent & accessible learning & teaching opportunities on the lower Sunshine Coast. Our program seeks out people with amazing local sustainability skills and offers training and support in becoming a Mentor so they can share their skills with others. Skills might be growing, gathering, knitting, dancing, fishing for, canning, drying, preserving, cooking, and raising food, or other ways to create abundance. Mentor training is offered to skilled individuals including single parents, seniors, ethnic group members, newcomers, and others. We then help link Mentors with Learners to create new opportunities for teaching & sharing. People are connecting, learning together, and participating in our unique Sunshine Coast food culture—while cultivating health, community resilience & a sustainable food security knowledge base.

Learning with Live & Learn!
Foraging up the mountain to learn about berries, wading in the ocean to meet the shellfish, venturing in the forests to hunt for mushrooms, discovering edible weeds in unlikely places, exploring backyards raising gardens, bees & birds—Live  & Learn participants really get around. Saving seeds, canning up a catch of fish, enhancing habitat for local wildlife, gathering local leaves for teas—the Mentors at Live & Learn are sharing their valuable skills! Local kitchens find our Mentors teaching canning, drying, processing, making the most of food in season and preparing for winter. Some of our mentor’s teachings are classroom-style, some are on site (backyard, forest, weedy patch), and some are one-on-one. Some skills are passed on in a single session, some take more time. Mentors & Learners alike are encouraged to form lasting bonds so the sharing & fun can be carried on well after the event. Everyone is welcome!

If you want to learn skills and meet our mentors, you can register to be on our email listserve, which will send out educational opportunities as they arise.  Or you might just check our online calendar for events. Learners will often go home with a sample of their new skills and/or some new friends to practice with!

What Learners Are Saying About Live & Learn
“The instructors have all been extraordinary mentors and I feel so privileged to be able to learn from them, and share their specialized but most practical skills with my family and friends. Acquiring the knowledge and skills relating to food resourcefulness in my own backyard is of great interest to me. I find it tremendously valuable to be able to access local and nature’s wild ingredients and incorporate them into our everyday diet and at the same time work towards a healthier lifestyle. I have also experienced special social connections as a bonus to my participating in Live and Learn classes… I have learned first hand about the history of our community, listened to songs, poems, and stories as they related to and supplement the class theme. Also meeting and continued correspondence with other participants has been fantastic; sharing how we took what we learned from classes to another level or direction. In my opinion, this program has really proved itself to be a perfect compliment to living and learning on the Sunshine Coast. You are doing a fantastic job and I am very excited about new learning opportunities the program may offer in the future!” -Michan Padovani